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Sino-Zambia Relations

Sino-Zambian Relations

Al Jazeera recently published an article titled King Cobra and the Dragon. The article is a result of People and Power sending Sino-French academic Solange Chatelard and filmmaker Scott Corben to Zambia during the presidential elections in September 2011 to investigate whether Africa has entered a new era of colonialism with Chinese firms maltreating workers […]

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President Sata’s 90 days is a Success

President Sata faced lots of challenges when he took office. But his leadership and government have succeeded in delivering their campaign promises. When he took office, MMD government left record high unemployment; the economy was in its worse state and public trust in government institutions was at lowest mark. In just 90 days, President Sata […]

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Give President Sata a Chance

The Zambian people spoke clearly by choosing President Sata. The people of Zambia chose President Sata to clean up the failed policies of MMD. Just as the President Sata starts to move the country into the right direction, we have all these MMD-sponsored officials saying the President should not talk about kwacha printing scandal or […]

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