Richest Zambians

Apamwamba is the aristocracy in Zambia. The Zambian would like to mimic the Fortune list of millionaires by attempting to compile a list of the aristocrats in Zambia based on your input and feedback. The list depicts the most powerful and the richest people in our country.

Current Nominations

  1. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda (Former President of Zambia)
  2. Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba (Former President of Zambia)
  3. Simon Mwewa (Politics and Property)
  4. M. Comano (Honda Business)
  5. van Blerk Family (Farming, Chickens, Tourism)
  6. Irwin Family (Farming, Food Processing)
  7. Galaun Family (Farming, Butchery, Cold Storage, Politics)
  8. Charalambous Family (Transport)
  9. Miller Family (Property, Farming)
  10. Samaris Family (Transport)
  11. D. Eastcroft (Simms Electrical. Batteries)
  12. Guy Scott (Former politician and Agriculture)
  13. G. Bender and family (Banking, Farming, Transport, Printing)
  14. Andrew Sardanis (Banking, Politics, Commerce)
  15. Anderson Mazoka (Politics and Business)
  16. Ben Mwila (Politics and Business)
  17. Patel (Kanjombe) Family (Business)
  18. Satwant Singh (Transport)
  19. Justin Chinyanta (Banking)
  20. Ayub Akoojee (Business, AI Enterprises Ltd)


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2 Responses to “Richest Zambians”

  1. john anderson February 29, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    hh iz da richest he owns grantthoton,zambezi sun ,greenbbelt fertilizers,farms livestock ,construction ,a diamond mine in bermuda,michinery & cole owner of kagem mine &keembe meat.& 8cargoships in cape town&7other firms with held

  2. jahiem October 29, 2015 at 2:53 pm #

    phizo is the richest private company in zambia

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