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The Zambian Populace – a guide to the Zambians living online.

Zambian Twitterati

The list below is a compilation of the most influential Zambians and Zambian organizations on Twitter. The intent of this list is not to group such talented individuals and reputed organizations into one bucket based on skill or reputation, but rather to provide a place for you to get connected with active Zambian Twitter users.  Full Article…


Richest Zambians

Apamwamba is the aristocracy in Zambia. The Zambian would like to mimic the Fortune list of millionaires by attempting to compile a list of the aristocrats in Zambia based on your input and feedback. The list depicts the most powerful and the richest people in our country. Current Nominations Dr. Kenneth Kaunda (Former President of  Full Article…


Popular Zambians

Over the years we have grown to recognize the need for effective leaders in and around Zambia. The Popular Zambians list is a collection of celebrities, leaders and other Zambians that have demonstrated a commitment to the progress of Zambia. Robert Earnshaw One of the brightest young talents helping restore Wales’s reputation in the soccer  Full Article…


Influential Zambians

The list of most influential Zambians is compiled by contributions from the community.


Zambian Bloggers

A list of Zambian bloggers. Please leave a comment if you feel a name should be added to this list. Zambian Economist Zambian Union Issues Over Matters Richie’s World Mweshi The Best of Zambia ICT Journalist Mwankole Kumushi Kulishani Dr Mosi’s Kraal Leonard Nelson The Lusaka Consensus Elections Zambia Simunza Muyangana My thoughts in the  Full Article…