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Advertising Services

The Zambian Home Page Advertising ZonesIntroduction

Internet advertising is similar to advertising on radio, television or print media. The more you advertise, the more customers you get. Advertisements are most effective when shown on a popular program like the news or sports channels. Similarly on the Internet, advertisements are most effective when placed on a site that attracts a lot of traffic. The Zambian is listed as one of the top sites for Zambia under a wide variety of search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo ensuring that anyone who searches for Zambia will inevitably visit our site. By advertising across our network, your advertisement reaches millions of interested viewers and consumers. In the last month alone – The Zambian received more than ten thousand views from visitors in over 150 different countries.


The Zambian network’s vision is simple: provide the most value so you can best reach out to new and existing customers. Exclusive week-long advertisement packages are available for The Zambian. Each package is sold with the intent of providing you exclusive access to our entire network for a week and includes advertising in Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3. Note, this is the only way to promote your product or service specifically to our audience.


Banner advertisements will be placed on the home page and child pages. Most pages have three distinct zones. Zone 1 or the header, Zone 2 or sidebar, and Zone 3 or footer as shown in the image.


For each zone, advertisements with the following dimensions are accepted:

  • Zone 1 – 728 x 90 (Header)
  • Zone 2 – 120 x 600 (Sidebar)
  • Zone 3 – 200 x 200 (Footer)

The graphic file can be no larger than 40 KB and may not include animation.

Guidelines and Policies

All banner advertisements are reviewed before being approved to be placed on our network. We reserve the right to approve all advertisements and to reject any advertiser for any reason. We are not liable for any claims arising from your advertisement or any errors in it.

Next Steps

To sign up for an exclusive week advertising package:

  1. Contact us with the week you would like to advertise on The Zambian.
  2. After we have confirmed the week and the cost for the exclusive advertising package, send us your advertisements for Zone 1 (728 x 90 Header), Zone 2 (120 x 600 Sidebar) and Zone 3 (200 x 200 Footer) for approval.
  3. Once approved and payment is received, your advertisements will be placed on our site during the week you requested.

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