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Posts tagged as “Maize”

Is Maize a ‘Political’ Crop?

[Times of Zambia] FOR many years now maize has continued to occupy a central position in Zambia's agricultural political-economy as both the national staple food and primary smallholder crop.

High Maize Output Should Trigger Positive Trends

[Times of Zambia] SOMEWHERE in May 2014, I stated that in an economy where market forces are sensitive and swiftly responsive to any major economic statement and positive occurrence, the prices of mealie-meal could have that week started coming down.

Maize Moisture Content Drops – Millers

[Times of Zambia] Millers have this year witnessed a drop in the maize moisture content, a situation that has delayed the opening of the marketing season.

Armyworm Devour 3,000 Hectares of Maize in Lufwanyama

[Times of Zambia] The armyworm has munched maize fields across 3,000 hectares in Lufwanyama on the Copperbelt affecting 6,500 farmers, area District Commissioner Justin Mwalikwa has said.

Erratic Maize Supply Triggers Poultry Feed Prices

[Times of Zambia] Poultry feed prices have continued to rise on the local market due to short supply of maize and the local currency depreciation, the Poultry Association of Zambia( PAZ) has said.

NGO Donates 100kg Maize Seed to Ndola Elderly Women

[Times of Zambia] SUPPORT Our Zambian Game Association (SOZAGA), a non governmental organisation, has donated 100 kg maize seeds to 20 elderly women farmers from Kabushi and Mushili townships in Ndola.

Army Worms Attack Maize Fields in Solwezi

[Zambia Reports] About 10 hectares of maize fields in Kalumbila District of North Western Province have been invaded by the fall Army Worms and stalk borer.

Maize Gate Scandal… Govt Has No Hand

[Times of Zambia] THE Zambian Government has distanced itself from direct or indirect involvement in the alleged Zambia-Malawi maize gate scandal, describing the accusations as mere falsehoods.

Govt Insists Malawi Maize Scandal Is a Private Affair

[Zambia Reports] Chief Government Kampamba Mulenga has distanced the Zambian authorities from the mega million dollar deal maize scandal in Malawi that has seen the dismissal of the Malawian Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda. United Progressive P...

Unpacking Maize Abundance in Zambia

[The Herald] There has been a direct effort to support Zambian food production by the European Union and undermine Zimbabwean agriculture through the strangling of the agricultural sector to give the impression that commercial farmers that moved are re...

Nawakwi Calls On Farmers to Grow More Maize for Export

[Times of Zambia] FORUM for Democratic Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi has urged farmers to take advantage of the looming maize shortage in the region to grow more maize for export.

Copperbelt Maize Bran Prices Go Up

[Times of Zambia] Small scale millers on the Copperbelt have increased prices of maize bran by over 100 per cent due to the increased cost of production.

Zambia, DRC Agree Maize Supply Terms

[Times of Zambia] ZAMBIA and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have agreed on terms to supply maize to that country from Zambian private entities, in a latest bid to stop smuggling.

Kitwe Maize Production to Go Up

[Times of Zambia] Kitwe district is projected to contribute more than 52,000 tonnes of maize grain to the national food basket this harvest season, an increase of about 7,000 tonnes from the previous season.

Luwingu Sees Maize Bumper Harvest

[Times of Zambia] LUWINGU District in Northern Province is this year expected to record a maize bumper harvest because of the timely distribution of farming inputs by the Government.

Govt Clarifies Maize Export Restriction

[Times of Zambia] GOVERNMENT has clarified that it has not imposed a ban on maize meal exports to Zimbabwe but has just restricted exports in order to verify how much grain was available in the country.

Zambian Maize Flour Invades Malawi Market

[Malawi News Agency] As maize price on the country's liberalized market has almost tripled compared to government set price, Zambian maize flour has found its way onto the Malawi market and traders are raking in a fortune out of it.