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Posts tagged as “Human Rights Watch”

Children With Lead Poisoning Need Doctors – HRW

[RFI] A new study out by rights watchdog Human Rights Watch on Friday shows that half the children in the area around Kabwe, in the center of Zambia, have elevated levels of lead in their blood and need to be treated by medical professionals.

Free Men Charged for Being Homosexual – Human Rights Watch

[HRW]Nairobi -Zambian authorities should dismiss all charges and release two men arrested for engaging in homosexual acts, Human Rights Watch said. The police should immediately cease forensic anal examinations, which are intrusive, invasive and consti...

Safety Gaps Threaten Copper Miners

[HRW]Workers in the copper mining sector in Zambia remain vulnerable to abuse, Human Rights Watch said today. New Human Rights Watch research found that the government of President Michael Sata, who promised to prioritize labor rights when he took offi...