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Posts tagged as “Amnesty International”

Uphold, Protect Human Rights

[Times of Zambia] Prior to last week's general election, Amnesty International had released a report in which it highlighted the Zambian government's failure in upholding various human rights.

Govt Shuts Down Independent Newspaper Ahead of Elections

[Deutsche Welle] Zambian authorities have called on the newspaper to pay millions of dollars in back taxes. But Amnesty International slammed the move, saying it "threatens the right to freedom of expression."

‘Gay Sex’ Accused Still in Jail

[AI London]The protracted detention of two Zambian men accused of having sex is an affront to all who believe in fundamental human rights, equality and non-discrimination and they should be released immediately, said Amnesty International today.

End State-Sponsored Persecution As Same-Sex Trial Reaches Verdict

[AI London]The Zambian authorities must end the persecution of individuals based on their perceived sexual orientation, Amnesty International said as the trial of two Zambian men accused of having sex "against the order of nature" is set to conclude on...

Zambia Postpones Same-Sex Conduct Trial

[AI London]The postponement of the trial against two Zambian men charged with same-sex sexual conduct whilst they continue to languish in prison is compounding their suffering, Amnesty International said.

Drop Charges Against Men Accused of Same-Sex Conduct

[AI London]Zambia must immediately drop the charges against two men accused of same-sex sexual conduct and release them from prison unconditionally, Amnesty International said ahead of a court hearing Thursday.