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Posts published in “Day: December 8, 2021

‘Exploit Northern Circuit Tourism Potential’

[Times of Zambia] THERE is a need to harness the inherent potential of the Northern circuit by upgrading critical infrastructure and extensive marketing of tourist attractions.

Fish Farming – a Lucrative Business

[Times of Zambia] Zambia's aquaculture industry is slowly but steadily growing to be one of the major contributors to improving the economy.

IMF Deal Eluded Ruling Party Administration

[Times of Zambia] The question of whether to engage International Monetary Fund (IMF) for funded programme or not has been outstanding for some time now.

Someone Had to Deal With Subsidy Issue

[Times of Zambia] On Friday last week, the IMF and Zambia reached a staff level agreement on a U.S.$1.4 billion debt bailout package.