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Posts published in December 2021

A Look At Zambia’s Key 2021 Highlights

[Times of Zambia] -President Hichilema (left) receives instruments of power from Mr Lungu at his inauguration ceremony at National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

Increased Access to Covid Testing Facilities Needed

[Times of Zambia] As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) positive cases continue to rise, there is need for the ministry of Health to make available as many testing centre's as possible to give people the opportunity to get tested and immediately get treatment ...

Luano Lags Behind in Infrastructure

[Times of Zambia] To many people, the mention of Luano district invokes sad memories of the murderous Mailoni brothers who terrorised the area and were linked to a number of killings.

Role of Citizens In Environmental Impact Assessments

[Times of Zambia] Development is the process of improving people's livelihood and welfare to attain a higher standard of living, while the environment is everything about and around us forming the basis of our livelihood.

Stay Safe, Stop the Spread of Covid

[Times of Zambia] THE onset of the rainy season has brought with it a lot of joy especially for the farmers who have lived the last month or two in fear of poor harvest this farming season due to a possible drought.

Women Trained in Local Seed Production, Preservation #AfricaClimateCrisis

[Times of Zambia] AFRICAN Women's Collaborative for Healthy Food Systems highlights the importance of local, agroecological and equitable food systems and raises awareness of the invaluable contribution made by peasant and indigenous women to food sove...

NSTC Stakes K400,000 for Research, Innovative Projects

[Times of Zambia] WITH increasing focus on research for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) development and commercialization agenda, the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) has over the years been supporting innovative skills in Zambia.

Corruption Fight for All Zambians

[Times of Zambia] Corruption remains an enemy that costs countries' resources, denies people what rightfully belongs to them and fuels inequality by promoting unjust empowerment of those who are ready to part away with bribes.

Kampyongo Moved to Chinsali to Be Charged

[Times of Zambia] Former Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo on arrival at Chinsali police station in Chinsali yesterday. Picture by PAMELA INAMBAO/ZANIS

Malawi, Zambia Vow to Boost Trade and Investment Cooperation

[East African] Malawi and Zambia will seek ways to cooperate more on trade and investment opportunities, Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera said Tuesday during a one-day meeting with his Zambian counterpart President Hakainde Hichilema.

‘Exploit Northern Circuit Tourism Potential’

[Times of Zambia] THERE is a need to harness the inherent potential of the Northern circuit by upgrading critical infrastructure and extensive marketing of tourist attractions.

Fish Farming – a Lucrative Business

[Times of Zambia] Zambia's aquaculture industry is slowly but steadily growing to be one of the major contributors to improving the economy.

IMF Deal Eluded Ruling Party Administration

[Times of Zambia] The question of whether to engage International Monetary Fund (IMF) for funded programme or not has been outstanding for some time now.

Someone Had to Deal With Subsidy Issue

[Times of Zambia] On Friday last week, the IMF and Zambia reached a staff level agreement on a U.S.$1.4 billion debt bailout package.