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Posts published in November 2021

Egypt, Zambia Discuss Boosting Economic Cooperation

[Egypt Online] Minister of Trade and Industry Neven Gamea on Tuesday held talks with Zambian Minister of Trade and Industry Chipoka Mulenga on boosting joint economic cooperation.

Wonderful Group – Making Zambia Regional Export Hub

[Times of Zambia] From its initial establishment in 2012, Wonderful Group of Companies has grown as a Zambian industrial investment which has had an impact on both livelihoods of local people as well as the country's economy.

Effects of Financial Abuse in Relationships

[Times of Zambia] When people look at Gender Based Violence (GBV), what comes to their mind is the physical abuse that is more common in their communities.

Women, Girls Internet Vulnerability On the Rise

[Times of Zambia] Sophia Nalumba (not real name) sits in an Internet café beaming with excitement. She does not even seem to notice the people around her who are wondering what had made her happy.

Zambian Riders to Grace Summer Series

[The Herald] THIS year's Zimbabwe Summer Series will once again have an international flavour after 10 Zambian motocross riders confirmed their participation at this three-day event.

Eradicate Early Marriages

[Times of Zambia] Just how much gain is there in forcing your own child into a marriage that she's not prepared for apart from the fact that she is still not ripe for matrimony?

First Quantum Minerals Appoints New CEO

[Times of Zambia] First Quantum Minerals (FQM) has appointed chief operating officer Tristan Pascall as the new chief executive officer effective May next year.

Lusambo Delivered Three Blood-Stained People to Cops – Witness

[Times of Zambia] A Zambia Police Assistant Superintendent of Mpatamatu in Luanshya has testified in the Luanshya magistrate court how he allegedly saw Kabushi area Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo with three people who were injured, while he was ca...

‘Kalimbwe’s Utterances Show Lack of Respect for Africa’

[The Herald] The Pan African Association for Socio-Politico Convention Network (PAASPCN), an organisation that seeks and works to protect the social and political ethos of the Pan African ideas, would like to express its profound disappointment and sha...

Averting Conflict of Interest Among Industry Regulators

[Times of Zambia] Conflict of interest is increasingly becoming a topical issue in modern day global business and one of the 'silent killers' of financial markets and their underlying national economies.

Zambians Moved Out of Ethiopia

[Times of Zambia] Zambians arriving from Ethiopia yesterday after being evacuated following President Hakainde Hichilema's directive as hostility surges in that country.