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Posts published in “Day: August 10, 2021

Zambia On a Knife-Edge, With Observers Fearing Violence and Unrest

[Daily Maverick] Thursday's presidential, National Assembly and local elections will mostly revolve around the economy. Zambia's expected GDP growth this year is 0.6% after a 3.5% contraction last year, among the worst on the continent.

Covid-19 Positive Outlook Encouraging

[Times of Zambia] SO the Zambian authorities may consider easing some of the existing Coronavirus (COVID-19)-related restrictions, in the next two weeks!

Zambians Go to Elections Amid Turmoil. What’s At Stake

[The Conversation Africa] As Zambia prepares to go to the general polls on 12 August, it does so in a context of political decay. It's also in the midst of a serious economic crisis and the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic.

Four Priorities for Zambia After the 2021 Elections

[The Conversation Africa] Whoever wins Zambia's 2021 general elections will face two key challenges: reviving the country's democratic credentials and stimulating the economy. To achieve this, the new administration must have at least four priorities. ...