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Posts published in “Day: April 2, 2018

Chaile Backs Expulsion of Cuban Ambassador

[Zambia Reports] Opposition Radical Revolutionary Party president Vincent Chaile has backed President Edgar Lungu's decision to expel Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages for engaging in domestic politics.

Lungu’s Impeachment – What Is Wrong With the Motion?

[Zambia Reports] I have keenly followed the augments regarding the impeachment motion with interest. As usual many commentators have given divergent views over the same. Most arguments are coming from numbers in parliament whether the UPND is able to g...

M’membe’s Socialist Project Could Be the Beginning of the End

[Zambia Reports] News that Fred M'membe has thrown his hat in the political ring is hardly surprising. Over the years M'membe has been active as any political animal in this country. He has remote controlled some politicians hiding under the banner of ...