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Posts published in “Day: October 9, 2017

Council Shuts 36 Business Houses

[Times of Zambia] The Chingola Municipal Council has shut down 36 business premises for failure to observe the Food and Drug and Public Health regulations.

Food Reserve Agency Buys 7.9 Million Bags of Maize

[Times of Zambia] Masaiti -The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has so far bought 7.9 million by 50 kilogramme bags of maize from the targeted 10 million bags set for this crop marketing season which closes at the monthend.

Lusaka Cholera Cases Rise

[Times of Zambia] More cholera cases have been reported in Lusaka with the Ministry of Health placing the city on high alert.

‘230,000 Guns in Private Hands’

[Times of Zambia] As the debate rages on gun violence in Zambia, with a study showing that only 86,000 of the 230,000 guns in private hands are registered, police say the most important question is whether the licensed weapons are being used for the in...

‘Don’t Entertain Political Drop Outs’

[Times of Zambia] Patriotic Front (PF) Chifubu Member of Parliament Frank N'gambi has urged party members not to entertain political drop outs who have fallen out of favour in the party.

Ndola Anglican Church Aid Elephantiasis Patient

[Times of Zambia] IDAH Simbeye, a resident of Ndola's Mushili Township, has lived with a rather lethal human condition in elephantiasis for well over ten years!

Revenue Authority to Mechanise Operations

[Times of Zambia] The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) says it will mechanise operations and launch machines to ease the payment of taxes before next year.

Gun-Related Killings On The Rise

[Times of Zambia] The recent rise of gun-related killings in the country is not just shocking, but alarming as well and urgently needs to be controlled before it escalates into 'plague'.

Private School Appalled By Shocking Bullying Incident

[Times of Zambia] One of Zambia's top private schools Chengelo, has issued a public statement in which it regrets a sickening bullying incident that has gone viral showing a clip of two boys assaulting a fellow pupil with fists, kicks and a belt.

Gender Strategy to Gobble Up Millions

[Times of Zambia] The Ministry of Local Government has projected to spend more than K5 million to implement the newly-launched 2018-2021 Gender Strategy and Implementation Plan.