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Posts published in “Day: June 8, 2017

U20 Football Team Parade Bus in Near Road Mishap

[Zambia Reports] The highly publicised parade for the heroic Zambia under-20 national soccer team returning from South Korea stumbled at Kenneth Kaunda International Aiport shortly after taking off for the road show on the First National Bank (FNB) bus.

FNB Says Sorry for Parade Bus Debacle

[Zambia Reports] FNB has apologized for the scandalous arrangements it made to provide a wreck for a parade bus to Zambia's young heroes when the team returned from South Korea yesterday.

Kabwe Mayor Gives 38 Families Land

[Zambia Reports] Kabwe mayor Prince Chileshe has announced that the 38 families that have allegedly encroached on the Multi Facility Economic Zone will be given legal entitlement to pieces of land they claim to own.