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Posts published in March 2017

Eight Die in Zambia As Food Handout Turns Into Stampede

[Deutsche Welle] Some 35,000 people turned up to the event organized by a church group in Lusaka. Droughts across southern Africa have caused a sharp uptick in food prices in a nation where poverty is already rampant.

Citizens Seeking Food Aid Killed in Stampede

[Al Jazeera] At least eight people were killed in a stampede as thousands of Zambians, who have been affected by a humanitarian crisis caused by a prolonged and severe drought in southern Africa, scrambled for food handouts, police said.

Final Score: Zambia 3-1 Egypt

[Zambia Reports] 3 games. 3 goals. And today [Saturday], 3 goals, all in the second half, to be specific. Zambia with another epic performance, and this time, I was blessed with the opportunity of witnessing it live. It was electric, the atmosphere was...

HH Disappoints State House

[Times of Zambia] STATE House has expressed disappointment that United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has continued to cast Zambia negatively to the international community.

Govt Completes Solar Power Deal

[Times of Zambia] THE Zambian Government and a France-based firm, Neoen S.A.S, the preferred bidder under the Scaling-Up Solar Project, have completed negotiations on taxation, land provision and equity financing.

MP Raises Teenage Pregnancy Concern

[Times of Zambia] THE plague of Child marriages and teenage pregnancies continue to deprive young girls of their childhood, and the potential to become drivers of Zambia's development.

Floods Hit Copperbelt

[Times of Zambia] ZAMBIA has experienced a number of climatic hazards and extreme events that represent significant departures from the average state of climate system.

Zambia’s Mining Investor Schizophrenia

[Daily Maverick] Despite the claims of those who said growth in Zambia was the result of better governance, the problem now is precisely that it wasn't. To the contrary, the country is now among the most unequal countries in the world. Today the top 10...

First Ugandan to Head StanChart Tells Locals to Aim for CEO Jobs

[Monitor] The first Ugandan to head Standard Chartered Bank, also the second largest bank in Uganda, Mr Herman Kasekende, will be moving to Zambia as chief executive officer (CEO). He will, at the end of this month, be relinquishing his position as CEO...