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Posts published in March 2017

Opposition MPs Are Out of Order

[Zambia Reports] The boycott of President Edgar Lungu's address by opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament on Friday takes the country several strides backwards.

Women Boxers Battle Social Norms

[Al Jazeera] Zambian women are increasingly taking up boxing, in part because they are inspired by World Boxing Council bantamweight champion Catherine Phiri.

Refugees Contributing Positively to Zambia’s Economy

[Namibian] Lusaka -Refugees and former refugees are contributing positively to Zambia's economy, and have the potential to contribute further to the country's development if legal and other obstacles are removed, findings of a new study seen on Tuesday...

Opposition MPs Face President Lungu

[Zambia Reports] UPND Members of Parliament will have no choice but to sit through the House when President Edgar Lungu addresses parliament today.

Law Association Summons Lawyer Zulu

[Zambia Reports] Lawyer Makebi Zulu has been summoned by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) over remarks that he made alleging that the organization had hired itself out to the Nchito family.

Opposition Election Petition Adjourned

[Zambia Reports] Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his deputy Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba will have to wait longer to make progress in the election matter after judge Mwila Chitabo adjourned the matter to April 11-12

$12 Billion Dangote Oil Refinery to Open in 2019

[Times of Zambia] The $12 billion Dangote Oil Refinery which will be the largest in the world slated for Lagos will be in full operation in 2019 and is expected to produce 650, 000 barrel of oil per day.

Litunga Case Referred to Concourt

[Times of Zambia] THE Lusaka High Court has referred to the Constitutional Court, a matter in which four Mongu residents have asked Edwin Lubosi Imwiko to abdicate the throne as the reigning Litunga of the Lozi people of Western Province.

Govt Warns Against Illegal Public Gatherings

[Times of Zambia] THE Government has directed the Zambia Police Service to institute an early warning system for illegal public gatherings to ensure that potential breaches of public order are prevented in good time.

Ruling Party Cadre Defends Zulu’s Conduct

[Zambia Reports] Patriotic Front self-style die-hard Max Chongu is one of the few ruling party supporters defending the embarrassing episode in which presidential political advisor attempted to burst protocal last Sunday.

Accept I’m Your President, Urges Lungu

[Zambia Reports] President Edgar Lungu took a dig at his critics on his occasion to host the Under-20 national team saying some of them had not recovered from the acrimony of campaigns.

Army to Be Unleashed On Illegal Tree Traders

[Times of Zambia] PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu will soon sanction an executive order permitting additional law enforcement agencies to join in the clamp down on the illegal harvesting and trade of the Mukula tree.

River in Water Pollution Fears

[Times of Zambia] A FUEL tanker ferrying 35,000 litres of petrol has overturned near the Mkushi River, the main source of water for residents of the town and surrounding areas, raising concerns of a possible spillage into the river.

Are Plummeting Oil Prices a Blessing for the Country?

[Zambia Reports] The price of oil has continued to decline in recent months. The commodity has for the last three to four months successfully breached the $50 per barrel barrier.