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Posts published in “Day: August 17, 2016

Mutembo Nchito Fights On to Maintain DPP Role

[Zambia Reports] Former Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito is still fighting to win back his position with the Constitutional Court granting him a Stay of Execution after his dismissal last Tuesday by President Edgar Lungu.

150 Arrested Over Post Election Protest

[CISA] Lusaka -Zambian police has arrested over 150 opposition demonstrators following protests that erupted after President Edgar Lungu was declared the winner of a highly-contested vote.

Lungu Calls For Peace

[Zambia Reports] President-elect Edgar Lungu has urged peace in the country following a tight and disputed election that has triggered protests in the strongholds of the opposition UPND.

Free, but Not Fair – Zambia’s Flawed Elections

[Daily Maverick] Lots of things went right in Zambia's election last week, cementing the country's reputation as one of the most peaceful on the continent. But it was still far from perfect. By SIMON ALLISON.

What Next for Zambia?

[Deutsche Welle] President Edgar Lungu's election victory leaves Zambia divided. The opposition is refusing to accept the results. The country's south has been hit by violence.