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Posts published in “Day: May 8, 2016

President Kaunda, Where Is the Book?

[Fahamu] Current leaders and the citizens can learn a lot from books authored by previous presidents. Zambia would benefit tremendously from hearing from President Kenneth Kaunda, the founding president who was in power for 27 years. How and why did he...

Govt Set Aside Funds for Poll Re-Run

[Times of Zambia] THE Government has set aside K312.4 million as a supplementary fund to cover the expenditure of three state institutions in an event of a presidential election re-run after that general elections in August.

Zambia Records Increased Maize Harvest

[Times of Zambia] THE 2015/2016 crop forecasting survey has revealed that the country will record an increased maize harvest, Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda has said.

Are NGOs Relevant in Zambia?

[Times of Zambia] RECENTLY China passed a contentious new law giving police wide-ranging powers over overseas charities and forbidding them from recruiting members or raising funds in the country, prompting an immediate outcry.

Chez Ntemba to Host Extra Musica

[Times of Zambia] CHEZ Ntemba management has confirmed that one of Africa's top music ensembles known as Extra Musica will be coming to perform at the joint soon.

Kamanga Finally Brings Chipolopolo Bus Home

[Zambia Reports] Andrew Kamanga, the new FAZ president, delivered his first pledge when he ensured the arrival of the 50 seater bus donated by the South Africa Football Association as part of the 2010 World Cup legacy in the country.