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Posts published in “Day: January 4, 2016

‘Boost Film Industry in 2016’

[Times of Zambia] Zambian film producer and writer, Paul Phiri has urged various stakeholders to embrace film production in 2016 and help market the country's tourism.

Global Economic Crunch Affects Zambia

[Times of Zambia] A local economist, Noel Nkhoma has attributed Zambia's failure to meet most of the key economic fundamentals in 2015 to the global economic trends.

Peace Preachers in Festive Mood

[Times of Zambia] The Peace Preachers who came on the scene with their hit album 'Katalalika Wamabimbi' in 2008 graced the 2015 festivities by performing their album tracks at various venues.

Farmers’ Union Salutes Govt

[Times of Zambia] The Government's introduction of the e-voucher in the agriculture sector in 2015 and the inclusion of other crops in the Farmer Input Support Programme is commendable, the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) has said.

‘Buy Goods From Locals’

[Times of Zambia] Government should buy more goods and services from local producers this year than it did in 2015 to limit import payments.

Arcades Hosts Magg44

[Times of Zambia] Arcades Shopping Mall in Lusaka played host to gospel musician Magnus Mando, a.k.a Magg44 and his band, to mark Christmas Eve last Thursday.