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Posts published in “Day: January 4, 2016

Egypt and Zambia

[Egypt Online] Egypt is seeking to consolidate its relations with Zambia through continuous keenness on providing support and assistance to them in various fields, starting with the phase of a national struggle for independence while these relationship...

Is There Positive Ethnocentrism?

[Times of Zambia] WHILE ethnocentrism is usually defined as the act of having pride in the ethnic group or race that you belong to, it is rarely positive as presented.

We Told You Lungu Doesn’t Know What He Is Doing – FDD

[Zambian Watchdog] We are happy that President Edgar Lungu has finally conceded to what we as FDD told him that it was wrong and counterproductive for the PF Government to increase electricity tariffs at a time when our economy is on its knees.

Copperbelt University Students On Class Boycott Over Allowances

[Zambian Watchdog] As the PF government is ferrying cadres from all over the country and paying each cadre K7, 000, students at the Copperbelt University have gone on class boycott due to failure by the government to pay them dues.

Presidential Election Date Set

[Al Jazeera] Zambia will hold presidential and parliamentary elections on August 11 under a new constitution, a government spokesman has said.

Lungu Says He Will Win By 71 Per Cent

[Zambian Watchdog] Outgoing President Edgar Lungu claims he will get at least 71 percent of the votes during this year's general elections.

Kitwe Residents Disarm Drunk Cop

[Zambia Reports] Kitwe residents yesterday morning had to take matters in their hands when a seemingly drunken police who was manning Chimwemwe Police Post engaged in a scuffle with a complainant.

‘Edgar Lungu Is Wasteful and Indisciplined’

[Zambian Watchdog] The decision by President Edgar Lungu to ferry the entire Executive Arm of Government and hordes of PF cadres to Heroes Stadium on Tuesday at a huge public cost just to sign the Constitution Amendment Bill epitomises how wasteful and...

Govt to Spend K20 Million Ferrying Cadres As UTH Runs Out If Insulin

[Zambian Watchdog] In another reckless expenditure, the PF Government through Cabinet Office has so far approved more than K20 million (K20 billion old currency) to ferry cadres, musicians and dancers from all over the country for a one day campaign ev...

PF Court Elias Chipimo

[Zambia Reports] The ruling Patriotic Front is reaching out to the National Restoration Party leader Elias Chipimo to join their ranks.