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Posts published in “Day: November 23, 2015

IMF Castigates Zambia for Financial Indiscipline

[Zambian Watchdog] Zambia needs to lower its deficit and improve fiscal discipline if it is to restore market confidence, the International Monetary Fund said on Friday.

37 Illegal Fuel Dealers in Lusaka Nabbed

[Zambia Reports] Three fuel tankers have been impounded and about 37 people arrested in a crackdown on illegal fuel sites in Lusaka.

Zam-Cab Pusher ‘Starves’ Wife

[Times of Zambia] A twenty-seven-year-old man is on the verge of losing his marriage for denying his wife sex and instead opting to marry another woman from the village.

Too Much Sex Drains Wife

[Times of Zambia] A woman of Lusaka's George Township shocked a fully-packed Matero local court with an unusual revelation of how her husband demanded sex everyday even when she was on her periods.

Wife Pours Urine on Hubby

[Times of Zambia] A Lusaka man narrated in the Kanyama local court how his wife poured urine on him when she came back home late.

Charms in Bathing Water

[Times of Zambia] A Forty-three-year-old man of Lusaka West failed to maintain his marriage after his wife put charms in his water for bathing.

Wife’s Own Slave

[Times of Zambia] A man of Lusaka's Chipata Township narrated to a Matero local court how his wife reduced him to a servant in his own house.

‘No Food No Sex’

[Times of Zambia] A Chazanga Township woman admitted denying her husband sex because of his failure to provide food for the family.

Lungu Will Be Held Responsible If Constitution Fails – Fr Chiti

[Zambian Watchdog] The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a People Driven Constitution says it has observed that President Edgar Lungu has finally acknowledged that he set up the Constitution to fail by taking it Parliament.

Mopani Sends Hundreds of Miners Home

[Zambian Watchdog] These people you see in the photos here are not queuing to receive pay slips or go into the stadium to watch football or register to vote. These are miners at Mopani.

State House Resolve to Ignore Post Falsehoods On President Lungu

[Zambia Reports] State House says contrary to the story in the Post that President Edgar Lungu was booed during his visit to Livingstone yesterday, Livingstone residents cheered the Head of State as he motorcade made its way to AVANI Victoria Falls Res...

Miss Pageant Zambia Creates Jobs

[Times of Zambia] In line with this year's Miss Pageant Zambia's theme, 'Employment creation: Everyone's responsibility', the top five models have earned themselves jobs!

Lusaka Residents Shun Footbridges

[Times of Zambia] Pedestrians in Lusaka have continued shunning footbridges constructed as a way of lessening road traffic accidents.

Human Movements Disturb Mumbwa Road Works

[Times of Zambia] Mumbwa Road in Lusaka, which is under construction by AVIC International, is posing a great danger to pedestrians and cyclists because of human activity at the site.