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Posts published in “Day: November 23, 2015

Drought Cuts Hydropower, Hits Zambia’s Growth

[News24Wire] Drought conditions caused by the El Niño weather phenomenon are set to further worsen economic growth in Zambia, with economists saying this year's figure will be below the 5% projected by the country's finance minister.

Digimessage From João Pessoa

[MISA] MISA's Advocacy Officer in Zambia, Kamufisa Manchishi, recently attended the 10th annual Global Internet Governance Forum in João Pessoa, Brazil, from 10 to 13 November, 2015. He shared notes on his experience ...

Over 1,500 Mulungushi University Students Won’t Write Examinations

[Zambian Watchdog] Over 1,500 Mulungushi University students whose sponsors have failed to meet the exhorbitant fees will not be able to write exams, according to a memo that has been written, with blessings of the PF government and higher education mi...

U-23 Squad Dilly Dallies

[Times of Zambia] As Zambia dilly dallies over the final squad for next weekend's Senegal Africa Under-23 championships, Group A rivals, South Africa have named the 21 players for the tournament which is an Olympic Games qualifier.

Lungu Inspires Rock Star to Go Gospel

[Times of Zambia] A Zimbabwean musician has amazingly turned from singing secular music to gospel citing President Edgar Lungu's respect for God as the main driving reason.

Salaries for Civil Servants Delayed, Again

[Zambian Watchdog] Civil servants who are normally supposed to be paid between 15th and 20th have gone into this weekend without salaries as sources at Zambia national commercial bank reveal that there were no signs that salaries will be pushed in soon.

Respected UK-Based Journalist, Gershom Ndhlovu, Dies

[Zambia Reports] Respected and fearless Zambian journalist based in England, Gershom Ndhlovu, has died. Ndhlovu, 51, (centre in the picture) died at a hospital in Basingstoke, London on Sunday afternoon.

President Lungu Urged to Send Auditors to FAZ

[Zambia Reports] FAZ insiders have asked President Edgar Lungu to authorize the Office of the Auditor General to verify financial accounts at Football House and make public findings of such an exercise if the Zambian government was serious about its co...

Hichilema’s Cadres Attack Vice-President’s Home in Nalolo

[Zambia Reports] Opposition United Party for National Development Cadres (UPND) supporters this weekend allegedly attacked and ransacked the home of Republican Vice-President Inonge Wina in her constituency in Nalolo, Western Province.

Stench of FAZ Corruption Reaches Parliament

[Zambia Reports] SPORTS parliamentary committee chairperson Elijah Muchima says its about time FAZ was held accountable because Football House is stinking of corruption.

Muteteshi Basic School Pupils Learning Under Tree

[Zambian Watchdog] While someone is busy hiring private jets at more than $300, 000 to carry dancers to New York and spend more than $80 000 a day in shopping while in USA, these pupils at Muteteshi basic school located right behind Mulungushi Universi...

Soldiers Wire Policemen to Grab Barclays Riches

[Zambia Reports] Green Buffaloes scored two first half goals and coasted to a 2-0 win over Nkwazi to win the 2015 Barclays Cup in the final played at Nkoloma Stadium on Sunday, pocketing K350,000.00 in the process.

Support Sports for the Disabled

[Times of Zambia] Physical activity can make a fundamental difference to disabled people's quality of life owing to its potential of increasing independence.

Teacher Recruitment Scam – Students Included On the List

[Zambian Watchdog] While many other people were left out of the recent teacher recruitment exercise, some of the people to be deployed are in fact college and university students in their final year. The students are connected to some big fish in the P...

Police Shoot One Mongu Resident, Teargas Residents Who Wanted to See HH

[Zambian Watchdog] Angered by Friday's massive show of support for UPND leader Hakinde Hichilema, Police have shot one Mongu resident in the Barotse plains as he was going for construction works of Mongu-Ka labo road. Ngenda Sililo, an employee of Avic...