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Posts published in “Day: November 20, 2015

Where Technology and Medicine Meet in Rural Zambia

[IPS] Lusaka -When health officer Kennedy Mulenga was faced with a male patient developing breasts at the remote Ngwerere Clinic 30km north of the Zambian capital, Lusaka, he logged onto Virtual Doctors to get help solving the medical mystery.

Government Prematurely Closes Nkumbi International College

[Zambian Watchdog] Nkumbi International College in central province has been prematurely closed and all students except those in final year have been sent away with immediate effect following their protest to press government to recruit more lecturers ...

Violence – UPND MPs Walk Out of Parley

[Zambian Watchdog] All UPND MPs have walked out of parliament in protest against PF government sponsored violence again UPND in the Copperbelt. The MPs say they will not sit in Parliament until the state assure them of security and freedom of assembly,...

Mongu Welcomes HH

[Zambian Watchdog] Many shops were closed and the moment HH and the team arrived, traffic came to stand still as everyone was shouting,'we want change things have become abnormally expensive' Kachema help us or Mubabaleli waluna lutuse'.

ZDA Promotes MSMEs Value Addition

[Times of Zambia] The Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) in Lusaka has undertaken an aggressive investment promotion aimed at building entrepreneurs and fostering value addition, infrastructural development and non traditional exports.

UPND MPs Behave Like ‘Basuzuki’

[Zambia Reports] I can't understand how Members of Parliament who are elected by people would walk out of a Legislative assembly in order to prove a point. In modern-day politics you don't walk out. You stand your ground. Walking out or away from a cha...

MMD Has Zero Chance to Form Govt, Says Lugomo

[Zambia Reports] Former Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Eastern provincial chairperson Samuel Lugomo who recently joined the ruling Patriotic front says the MMD under Nevers Mumba has no chance to form government.

UTH Cancer Patients Suffer From Broken Equipment

[Zambia Reports] Anger and anxiety has continued to characterize scores of cancer patients at the University Teaching Hospital Cancer diseases Hospital because they are not receiving their cancer treatment.

Masebo Pleads Not Guilty

[Zambian Watchdog] Former Tourism Minister Silvia Masebo has pleaded not guilty to the charge of unlawful assembly. Ms Masebo took plea along with four others who equally pleaded their innocence.

ZIALE Cartel Hindering Development

[Zambian Watchdog] The Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) must be the most organized cartel in Zambia. The latest results, showing that only 18 people out of 187 (9.6%) who sat the bar exam are worthy of holding practicing certificate...

Masebo Pleads Not Guilty

[Times of Zambia] Chongwe Member of Parliament (MP) Sylvia Masebo, together with four other co-accused have pleaded not guilty to the charge of unlawful assembly.

ZAWA Guns Down Poacher in Monze

[Times of Zambia] The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has shot dead a poacher in the Lochivar National Park following an exchange of gunfire with wildlife police officers during an anti-poaching operation.

Mambilima Bemoans Rise in Sexual Offences

[Times of Zambia] Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima has said the long custodial sentences have failed to curb defilement and related offences which are seemingly on the rise.

Long Sentences Failing to Curb Sex Offences

[Times of Zambia] We join her in solidarity by agreeing with her that harsh jail sentences against sexual offenders have not helped to reduce the number of defilement cases in the country.

Zambia, UN Sign Partnership Framework

[Times of Zambia] Zambia and the United Nations (UN) have signed a Sustainable Development Partnership Framework aimed at improving the country's social economic development.

Lungu’s Holiday Just

[Times of Zambia] Last week the wolf pack was at it again by loudly and spitefully questioning President Edgar Lungu's holiday in Nyimba.