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Posts published in “Day: August 22, 2015

Catherine Phiri Back in the Ring Nov. 28

[Zambia Reports] World Boxing Council -WBC- silver bantamweight female champion Catherine Phiri will go back to the ring on November 28, 2015 this year to face Christina Mcmahon once again.

Nevers Mumba’s Weakened Voice

[Zambia Reports] So the good pastor Nevers Mumba has found his voice again after what had seemed an eternity in the proverbial wilderness. So much was said about the rebuilding of the Movement for Multi Party Democracy after he took over soon after the...

Kwacha Nosedives, Hits All Time Low

[Zambia Reports] The Kwacha is in free fall again, now comfortably having breached the K8 per US$1 level. The economy is domestically afflicted by a cocktail of poor fiscal position, rising debt, energy problems and weaker growth prospects. But now it ...

U.S Envoy Wants Big Cats Ban Maintained

[Zambia Reports] US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz has urged Government to keep the ban on hunting big casts and elephants in place until it is established that the numbers support a resumption of hunting.

Lusaka’s Open Lavatories

[Times of Zambia] Over the years, Lusaka has continued to grow and this is evidenced by the increase in population and the infrastructure that is coming up across the city.