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Posts published in “Day: August 10, 2015

The Karma of the Hand Shake

[Zambia Reports] This article was authored by respected Zambian lawyer Sakwiba Sikota and first posted on his facebook page. Sakwiba is also opposition United Liberal Party president.

Zesco Loadshedding Timetable

[Zambia Reports] A concerned Lusaka resident has bemoaned haphazardness in manner the timetable for load shedding is now being followed by ZESCO.

Kalusha Sets a Trojan Horse Known As Chikumbi On Kamanga

[Zambia Reports] FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya has hired a discredited fellow known as Godfrey Chikumbi to play the role of a trojan horse aimed at presidential aspirant Andrew Kamanga in the run up to the 2016 AGM.

Mpombo Resurfaces, Says Political Climate Boiling

[Zambia Reports] Opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) president George Mpombo has resurfaced after taking a brief plunge by observing that Zambia's current political climate is presently characterized by unnecessary antagonism.

Barrick Gold Records Loss

[Times of Zambia] Barrick Gold Corporation recorded a net loss of US$9 million in the second quarter due to a drop in gold prices with adjusted net earnings of $60 million.

Sweden, U.S to Help Zambia On Electricity

[Times of Zambia] President Barack Obama's recent visit to Nairobi was highlighted by two connected events: The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) and Power Africa, one of the signature initiatives of his presidency.

Green Revolution Forum Set for September

[Times of Zambia] The Government is organising the 2015 African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) aimed at unlocking Africa's prosperity inherent in agriculture.

No Need for Zambia to Import Fish From China

[Times of Zambia] The statement by President Edgar Lungu that it is shameful for Zambia to be importing fish from China in this day and age speaks volumes, firstly about Zambia's failure to harness its potential in fish farming and, secondly, about the...

Christian Nation Declaration

[Times of Zambia] This year marks 23 years since the late president Chiluba, led by the spirit of God, declared this country as a Christian Nation. Oxford Dictionary defines a declaration as a "formal or explicit statement or announcement: Example, a d...

Of Poets and Poems

[Times of Zambia] Dear ardent readers, as observed in the last week's column, creative writing in both West and East Africa had its origin in the periods well before the independence of countries in the two regions.

Venus Theatre On the Mend

[Times of Zambia] Thank you to my two virtuous friends Edward Lange and Richard Likumba for whispering into my ears that Venus Theatre in Kabwe was slowly broiling to life.

Maid’s Glamour Deceived Lazzo

[Times of Zambia] An elegant female figure walked into the room and almost instantly, at least half the male heads in the precincts turned.

Ndola Revels in Rally Thrills

[Times of Zambia] It was a rare extravaganza of speed, noise and engineering prowess of the top speed capacity cars that line up for the race at the inaugural Gomes Nsobe Safari Rally last weekend.

Dinner At the Radisson (II)

[Times of Zambia] Those who have keenly followed my adventures as revealed on these pages since December 2002 will surely have noted that my wife, Amake Pachikani, was definitely out of character when she accepted to dine with Chris at the 5-Star Radis...

Lacking Integrity

[Times of Zambia] Not so because of poor Government policies, but because of the dwindling levels of integrity in our society.

AVIC International to Build New Ndola Airport

[Times of Zambia] The Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport which is being relocated to another site in Ndola will be built by AVIC International of China.

Swimmers Impress At Fina 2015

[Times of Zambia] Zambian swimmers wrapped up their participation at the 2015 International Swimming Federation (FINA) World Aquatics Championships with an impressive performance by female sensation, Jade Howard.

French Energy Minister Gives Tips

[Times of Zambia] Visiting French Minister of Energy, Segolene Royale has urged Zambia and other African states to encourage the use of renewable energy as a measure to combat the devastating effects of climate change.