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Posts published in “Day: March 1, 2015

Ex-Convict Jailed for Killing Baby

[Times of Zambia]A MURDER convict who was pardoned and later integrated into society has again been sentenced to life imprisonment after he was found guilty of killing his stepson.

Cadres Drop Coffin … As Police Disperse Unruly Mourners

[Times of Zambia]PALLBEARERS carrying the casket of UPND Munali Constituency chairperson, Grayzer Matapa yesterday dropped and damaged the coffin as they fled from a police cordon at the roundabout near Lusaka High Court.

PF Condemns UPND Funeral Conduct

[Times of Zambia]THE Patriotic Front (PF) has condemned the manner in which the UPND handled the funeral of its Munali Constituency chairperson, Grazier Matapa on Friday.