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Posts published in “Day: January 27, 2015

Tunisia, DR Congo Advance as Zambia, Cape Verde Bow Out

[allAfrica]There were no real surprises in the two quarter-final qualifiers from Group B at the African Nations Cup, though with just three points separating the top and bottom teams, it was a close run thing.

How 35 Percent of Zambians Chose Sixth President

[Zambia Reports]Earlier on, on January 5th to be specific I wrote that, three groups of voters, namely; base, undecided and indifferent decide the outcome of an election. I analyzed voting data from two previous elections (2008 and 2011), and came up w...

Dr Scott’s Security Detail Withdrawn

[Zambia Reports]Former Vice-President Guy Scott's entire security detail and that of his wife, Charlotte, has been withdrawn relegating him to an ordinary Member of Parliament.