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Posts published in “Day: October 19, 2014

British Envoy Supports PF Wage Freeze

[Zambia Reports]British High Commissioner to Zambia James Thornton has backed the Patriotic Front (PF) government's decision to maintain the wage freeze on the civil service in the 2015 financial year.

Kitwe DC Told Off By Private Firm Over Independence Deco

[Zambia Reports]There was drama at Kitwe Town Centre yesterday when a business owner told off Kitwe District Commissioner Elias Kamanga that his native - United Kingdom - didn't celebrate independence as the case was in Zambia and could therefore not b...

Narep Calls for Stronger ‘Social Enterprise’ in Zambia

[Zambia Reports]NAREP Head of International Relations Pascal Nsokolo has called upon the government to promote and provide an enabling environment for Social Enterprises to thrive as this will help to tackle unemployment. He was speaking in London ahea...

PF Infighting in Full Display At Traditional Basoli Ceremony

[Zambia Reports]Not even the all embracing Chakwela Makumbi Traditional ceremony of the Basoli people of Chongwe near Lusaka yesterday could camaflouge the bad blood between two warring factions in the Patriotic Front (PF), as the disgraced former Secr...