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Posts published in “Day: March 29, 2014

George Chellah – “An Excited Little Boy”

[Zambia Reports]Sometimes what we don't understand is whether that State House is occupied by MEN with a handle on their faculties or some form of psychiatry reigns supreme.

Fodep Challenges ECZ On Cost of By-Elections

[Zambia Reports]The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has challenged the Electoral Commission of Zambia on its latest report suggesting the body has spent K3.5 million rebased on each of the 20 by-elections held in the last two years.

M’membe Struggles to Defend Masebo, Kabimba

[Zambia Reports]Post Newspaper owner Fred M'membe yesterday laid his support for members of the infamous cartel serving in the Patriotic Front government, Wynter Kabimba and Slyvia Masebo, bare by the tribunals instituted to investigate their alleged m...