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Posts published in “Day: January 19, 2014

Canisius Punches Holes in Sata’s Memory

[Zambia Reports]United Party for National Development Vice President Dr Canisius Banda has wondered whether President Michael Sata has developed memory loss over the constitution or was just being utterly deceitful.

How Workers’ Calibre Affects an Organisation’s Performance

[Times of Zambia]THE caliber of workers in an organisation affects each organisation's performance; and it is important for top management officials and their respective Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to quickly assess the type of workers their organi...

Rugby Big Wigs Unopposed

[Times of Zambia]THE Zambia Rugby Union (ZRU) top brass is set to be retained for a second term in office on February 1, after being unopposed at the close of nominations on Friday.

ZMSA Pins Hopes On Essa, Mukosa

[Times of Zambia]ZAMBIA Motor Sport Association (ZMSA) vice-president, Sam Ching'ambu says the association is now banking on Muhammad Essa and Ken Mukosa to defend the African Rally Champion (ARC) title for Zambia after current champion Jassy Singh pul...

Yombwe – Chess Queen in the Making

[Times of Zambia]OVERRIDING, aggressive, tactical approach and an attacking prowess are characteristics that sum up Elastridah Yombwe, one of the emerging female chess players in the heart of the Copperbelt Province, Ndola.

Govt Probes Constitution Committee

[Times of Zambia]VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott says the Government is investigating the Technical Committee Drafting the Zambian Constitution following the leakage of the Draft Constitution to the online media.

One Dies in Chirundu Road Accident

[Times of Zambia]A SEVEN tonne Fuso truck, registration number ACP 9587 carrying a consignment of relief maize for Chiawa overturned at Kapiri Ngozi area in Chirundu District yesterday killing one person.

Sos Vilage Ordered to Pay Five Dismissed Workers

[Times of Zambia]THE Ministry of Labour has directed that the five workers recently dismissed from SOS Children Village without pay must be given their benefits.

Chembe OP Officer Raped

[Times of Zambia]A TANZANIAN man is alleged to have slipped off his girlfriend's bosom to sneak in her friend's bedroom next door and raped her.

When ‘Jesus’ Appeared On TV

[Times of Zambia]THE end of time must surely be near, or else how can one explain the Kitwe gentleman who wants to convince all of us that he is Jesus Christ the Messiah, the son of man that everyone of the Christian ilk have been waiting for.

Buy Labelled Fertilisers, Urges Zabs

[Times of Zambia]THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has called on farmers to only buy well labelled fertiliser on the Market.

Zama 2013 Nominees List Not Inspiring

[Times of Zambia]THE National Arts Council (NAC) recently announced the nominees for the Zambian Music Awards (ZAMA) for 2013 with some big names missing from the 34 categories that are up for grabs.

‘Opposition Parties Merger Not Feasible’

[Times of Zambia]POLITICAL analyst Thomas Mabwe has charged that calls for opposition parties to merge ahead of the 2016 elections will remain a lip service because of leaders' desire to unseat the ruling party.

Grappling With Early Child Marriages

[Times of Zambia]HE media has in the recent past been replete with reports of children tying matrimonial bonds at a tender age to the dismay of moralists. This trend has given rise to hue and cry against the vice which in essence is a fundamental viola...

Stop Fighting for Presidency

[Times of Zambia]PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Chairperson for elections Sylvia Masebo says she still feels that in-fighting over the presidency is still alive in the party and has urged officials involved to stop because President Michael Sata is still the lea...

Zawa Hunts Stray Lion

[Times of Zambia]THE Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in Livingstone has dispatched its officers to Mukuni's Chiefdom to investigate claims of a wandering wild lion.

‘Zambia’s Economic Growth to Continue’

[Times of Zambia]PRESIDENT Michael Sata has said the Zambian economy will continue to grow as his Government has continued to promote a stable macro-economic environment.