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Posts published in “Day: January 10, 2014

Mugabe Zealots Will Be Waiting Back Home

[Zimbabwe Independent]The Zimbabwe Independent carried a report last week that "a nine-member high-powered delegation of captains of industry had taken it upon itself to engage the European Union in an attempt to rescue the economy which is teetering o...

We’ll Not Eat Roads – Chief Macha

[Zambia Reports]Chief Macha of the Tonga people of Southern Province says the Patriotic Front government should look beyond just constructing roads in their approach to development.

Mbulakulima Says Kapeya’s Claims Laughable

[Zambia Reports]Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy says the accusation by Information Minister Mwansa Kapeya that the opposition political parties were funding the civil society's call for a people driven constitution is laughable.

The Struggle Life As a Minor in Zambia

[New Era]MY name is Maxton, I was born in 1972 in Senenga, Zambia, born to a Zambian mother and my father was one of the PLAN legendary commanders, Titus Mwailepeni.

Church Shouldn’t Antagonise Government, but Can Criticise

[ACNS]Born and bred in Mufulira, the hand of fate destined him for the mineral-filled bowels of the Copperbelt mines. His father, a miner, later chose to leave the glittering lights of urban life for the rural expanses of the Eastern Province to serve ...

Is Kasama Under State of Emergency?

[Zambia Reports]Former Copperbelt Patriotic Front youth chairperson Chanda Kabwe let out one of the worst guarded secrets in today's Zambia when he excitedly told the nation that they will not allow anyone to go to Radio Mano or any media to discredit ...