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Posts published in “Day: December 31, 2013

Chief Justice Targets Four More MMD Seats

[Zambia Reports]The opposition Movement for Multi Party says the nullification of yet another MMD seat vindicates their calls for early elections since the Patriotic Front is determined to perpetually hold elections in their five years in office.

Chellah Allegedly Attacks Daily Nation Journalist

[Zambia Reports]President Michael Sata's press aide George Chellah yesterday went ballistic and verbally abused a Daily Nation reporter and threatened him with unknown consequences over a story in which he had failed to give the position of the preside...

GBM Suffers Consequence of Leaving Govt

[Zambia Reports]President Michael Sata has ordered that all the haulage contracts given to Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba's Arizona Transport to courier fertilizer for the Food Reserve Agency be cancelled.

Zambia Lifts Tax Exemption for NGOs

[The Herald]Lusaka. -Ministry of Finance Public Relations Office Chileshe Kandeta said in a statement that the ministry was concerned that some of the organisations have been profiting from the tax exemption by selling these goods without getting appro...