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Posts published in “Day: January 16, 2013

Somalis Attack Taxi Driver in Kabaso Shooting Sequel

[Times of Zambia]A Ndola taxi driver who surrendered a Somali to the police for allegedly killing his employee was on Sunday beaten by nationals from the Horn of Africa in a reprisal attack.

‘No Cause for Alarm’ – Erick Mwanza

[Africa Top Sports]"We know that our fans want us to win all the time. We understand our great soccer heritage and the passion which the people have. But there are games which we play and go into not looking for wins at all costs but to give the player...

Counterfeit Shirts for the Zambians Chipolopolo

[Africa Top Sports]The Football Association of Zambia would want to do away with the replicas of the National Football shirt. FAZ communications officer Erick Mwanza said people found trading or wearing fake Chipolopolo replica jerseys will be prosecuted.

Redefine Food Reserve Agency

[Times of Zambia]ALLOW me to express my happiness with the PF Government for appointing Chola Kafwabulula as chief executive of the Food Reserve Agency.

Planting Trees for Tomorrow’s Benefits

[Times of Zambia]CAN you put an exact price tag on Zambia's forests? Forests have been identified as a valuable environmental and economic resource for supporting natural systems and improving people's livelihoods.

Heinous Killings – Probe Must Include All

[Times of Zambia]THE police must indeed stoke up investigations into the horrendous murders that have left families and the nation at large shell-shocked and grieving.

Deal With Fake Product Pushers

[Times of Zambia]THE recent revelation by the Zambian Police Service of the availability of counterfeit products on the Zambian market has sent shivers across consumers in the country.

Where Is Andeleki Show Heading?

[Times of Zambia]NOW Clement Andeleki, the infant terrible of Zambian politics has resigned from his Government position of Chief Registrar of Societies.