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Posts published in “Day: April 9, 2012

Barotse Breakaway Plan Hits Setback

[Times of Zambia]

FIVE traditional groupings in eastern parts of Western Province have resolved to break away from Barotseland under the authority of the Litunga and remain within the unitary State of Zambia.

Lone Lusaka Traffic Cop Battered

[Times of Zambia]

CALL boys and some passengers at Millennium Bus Station in Lusaka yesterday beat up a traffic police officer after a mini bus that was allegedly chased by officers overturned, leaving several passeng...

Sata Mourns Mutharika, Nakatindi

[Times of Zambia]

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has expressed sadness at the untimely death of Malawian leader Bingu Wa Mutharika last week following a cardiac arrest.

Kitwe Council Upbeat On Expansion Offer

[Times of Zambia]

KITWE City Council has formally written to the British High Commissioner on an offer to link the council to British country and town planners to help in the establishment of a New Kitwe across Kafue ...

Healer Faces Murder Over Botched Manhood Enlargement Bid

[Times of Zambia]

A TRADITIONAL doctor has appeared in a Lusaka magistrate court on a murder charge after he allegedly gave some concoctions to an unsuspecting victim to enlarge his manhood.

‘Illegal Structures Face Demolition’

[Times of Zambia]

THE Government will not condone illegal possession of land and all those who have built on illegal land risk having their structures demolished.