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Times of Zambia

honestly, as a student, i don't now what to do. is the government being serious about education or football&the NCC? people need to understand the frustration of the lecturers, workers and the students.I'm being held hostage, YES, hostage, by my government and lecturers. i come here, and they wont teach.when we go, they still continue as usual doing their research and private jobs.NCC can find money to pay consultants, why not pay our lecturers? cant the government go to the stock exchange and get a bond to clear off UNZA? some people have come from sesheke, luapula, and have no money to go back in search of a brighter future.please government, pay these people.and they wonder how PF wins. lets ave some priorities. also lecturers, don't use us as hostages, we are your children. we are innocent, in fact we pay our fees to pay lets not use one another.if we have a class boycott, u want to close the we always have to stone cars or burn tires?must we parade ourselves on MUVI TV to get an audience? cant we peacefully resolve our differences. government???????must i erect football posts on the great east road and play UNZA social to get sponsors from companies. find a solution. infact, read this and put pen to paper and sign sum checks!!!!!…(read more)