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World Malaria Day a4 the view from Zambia

Friday, April 25 is the first-ever World Malaria Day, commemorating the global effort to control malaria and reduce the toll it takes on individuals, families, and economies in endemic countries. Malaria is a top killer of children in Zambia, where I live and work, but the country is making progress against the disease by making proven malaria prevention and treatment methods available to the people who need them most. A week of World Malaria Day events started today in Zambia, where a nationwide Prayer Night took place this evening in churches across the country. My wife, Anne Jennings, attended and photographed the vigil in Lusaka, where a candlelight procession and choral music filled the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the capital city's largest church. A 920-km cycling race also started today and the week holds many more events to raise awareness about malaria. Watch the ONE Blog and check my journal on for for more all this week….(read more)