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They Have Arrived

Well, I just spoke with Tiff (5pm EST, 11pm local time for her)!!! 🙂 🙂 They did arrive ok and the flight was good for the most part Tiff said. She said she didn't really sleep much the first 8-hrs of the flight but the second half she got a good bit of sleep in. When she called they had just arrived at the Mission house in Lusaka and just got done showering up for the night and all ready to crash. She sounded good but I could tell she was tired and ready for some good sleep (if that is possible). Tomorrow morning they have a 3-1/2hr ride to the safari lodge, which is about half way to Mongu (see map below), and will stop there for two safaris, one on Sunday (land safari) and one on Monday (water safari). Tuesday morning they will continue on to Mongu/Limulunga (see Google Maps image below or search by Lusaka, Zambia) where they will be staying at Melissa's house from Tuesday (4/22) to Monday morning (4/28)….(read more)