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Roberts in Zambia: We’re Back!

Hello dear friends! We're so happy to report that as of today we finally have power and internet again. Praise the Lord! It was an interesting week. Last Tuesday night around 11:00 our power went out, which was very unusual. Power outages are normal, but they usually happen at either 6:00 am, or 6:00 pm and usually last no more than 2 or 3 hours. This time it was out all night and we knew something was wrong. It turns out the transformer for our block blew. Apparently this takes 4 days to fix in Zambia! The power came back on Saturday morning and we are most grateful! During our time without power we had to cook over charcoal as you can see in the pictures. We also ate a lot of PB&J! We lost almost everything in our fridge, so this will be a rough month on the grocery budget, but we're just grateful to have the means to replace what we lost. Many here would not….(read more)