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Kuomboka Ceremony

For all of you thinking, ‘jen, aren't you in Africa, why does your blog sound like you are working and doing research in Canada?' to that i would answer, there are always more similarities in the places that i visit than differences, especially in the capital cities. A city is a city. I watch movies in malls and drink coffee. Things are different but also the same. Fried chicken usually tastes better than in Canada, even KFC is different (not that I've eaten KFC in Canada since i was young… but you get the point).Last weekend i attended a traditional ceremony in the western province of Zambia. For those of you who are wondering if i am experiencing your perception of Africa, i am, only sometimes. This traditional ceremony, Kuomboka, is a ceremony for the lozi people in western province. Kuomboka means ‘to get out of water' in Lozi (one of the 72 languages in Zambia but one of the main tribes). It happens at the end of the rainy season when the Litunga (King of the Lozi people) must move from one palace to another as the Zambezi river has flooded the lower palace, Lealui, to the higher palace, Limulunga. Thousands of people flood a town called Mongu for the celebration….(read more)