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Iron Like a Lion in… Zambia!

Here is a picture of Ryan with his Peace Corps Rural Educational Development (RED) team from Eastern Province. I encourage you to read the "Rob in Zambia" blog, the man in the middle in the red shirt, to learn more about this program. Ryan and the new RED team members went on a site visit to Eastern Province during training to learn about their new jobs from the current RED members. On April 25th, Ryan will be promoted from Peace Corps Trainee (PCT) to Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV). This will be a busy week because prior to the ceremony, all the PCT have to pass several final exams on language, cultural and technical aspects of their assigned job. Once tests are passed, the host families are invited for a cultural exchange day. A huge ceremony will take place on April 25th with Zambian government officials. The TV station will cover the event. Ryan is having a traditional African outfit made (note the women are pictured in traditional skirts). It should be an exciting week and we at home in the USA are very proud of Ryan and his fellow Trainees!…(read more)