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Free riders…., 2nd Edition

Henry Chipewo (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) has weighed in on the problem of infrastructure free ridership. Henry's radical proposal is for government to come up with a policy framework that will restrict the movement of cargo above a certain tonnage on roads in order to avoid damage to infrastructure : "The roads, railway and air transport have to complement each other. What the roads can't do, we expect the railway to do the job and what the railway sector cannot provide, the airlines are expected to offer the service…..Now what government should do is come up with a policy framework that will restrict the transportation of bulk goods on roads but through railway. This will reduce on the depletion of our road network which is already in a bad state…It is unreasonable to carry a bulk of copper, sugar or any other goods by road when that can be done using the railway lines…..There is no time that government will be able to reconstruct 80,000 kilometers of the road network in Zambia. For the country to be competitive in terms of trade, we require strong rail infrastructure because this is the most appropriate for the transportation of bulk goods"…(read more)