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Danger is My Middle Name…and Neil

We left Chobe early – in fact we leave everywhere early – to take the ferry over to Zambia. This was utter and complete chaos with a backlog of lorries over a mile long waiting to get on it. Problem being it only took one lorry at a time. We actually got through relatively quickly as we were tourists. We were soon in Livingstone and were taken directly to Victoria Falls. You could see the spray from the falls miles away. It looked like a mini cloud. The falls were in full flow when we arrived and they are quite a sight. We all got completely soaked. Crossing bridges while having nature throw water at you makes one feel like you're in a Indiana Jones movie or on a boat in a storm. We then made our way to camp which would be our home for the next four nights. I upgraded immediately. The tents we use smelt of damp as if they'd had fifty old trainers stored in them. We then had a presentation on which activities we could do. One was a flight over the falls in either a microlight or a helicopter. After the presentation the woman who asks too many questions asked what the difference was between a helicopter and a microlight – even though both were shown in the DVD….(read more)