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Cotton is among the foremost export crops

In commercial considerations, cotton is among the foremost export crops for Zambia. For years, Zambia has been contributing significantly to the world's cotton market through the export of cotton. In addition, cotton provides livelihood to thousands of Zambian farmers under the cotton grower schemes in various parts of the country. The weaving industries have flourished and been sustained by directly feeding on the cotton grown locally in Zambia. Sadly, despite all these positive contributions to the economy, the sector has constantly struggled against many huddles. Whereas it is true that agricultural commodities in general, tend to have a more difficult entry to the global market, the cotton sector has borne much of the brunt. The price of cotton on the global market has kept plummeting, putting hundreds of cotton growers in dire straits. This has largely emanated from specific trade policies of the major players on the market….(read more)