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Zambia from a microlight

Forget scenic helicopter rides or private jets. This is the way to fly – like a bird, like an angel, swooping through the sky above the Zambezi with nothing between the ground and my dangling feet but air. Icarus didn't have the advantage of technology, but his father had the right idea. Today, I have wings. There's a huge crocodile basking on a rock – and I can fly down for a closer look. I can also see the outline of a dozen muddy hippos in the water. Peering from the riverbank with binoculars, my view would be of a pair of ears or a buxom bottom going under. But from up here I can watch their underwater movements; catch them unawares. I am invisible, all-seeing. Ah, to be an eagle or a kingfisher, darting down to seize a shape in the river….(read more)