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To raise enough money to go on the missions trip to Zambia!

I was born in Zambia and have always felt a calling to go back there one day! I left when I was four years old and now my son is four years old, I met a group of teachers leaving in July to help in the village of hope, a village for orphans. I also found out it is in Kitwi, where I spent the first four years of my life. Due to aids epidemic and war thousands of children are abandoned with no on e to care for them Villages like Hope are built to provide a loving upbringing for these children, where they are raised in a loving family, a house mum, or dad, and 6 children, There is a school, a community centre and they have a chance of becoming the future of Zambia, to be educated and work one day in a decent job. They are Zambia's future, and I have a calling to help….(read more)