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HIV/AIDS and treatment alongside science in Zambia

Based on the knowledge grained from the scientists and the people with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) about treatment of HIV/AIDS with the drug called Antiretroviral (ARV) Science has shown that people with the HIV/AIDS often become more frustrated with the management of the disease many are willing to try anything with the hope of staying healthy and living longer. What is HIV/AIDS Human immune deficiency virus (HIV) causes infections in the humans science has shown it and proofed it. It passes from one person to another through semen vaginal fluid, blood or *** milk. The most common way to get infected with HIV/AIDS is through unprotected sexual intercourse, HIV can also be transmitted(passed to another person) through injections , needles or blades that have been used on another person with HIV.Babies can get infected in the womb during birth or through the *** milk in their mother's who has the virus. The does not happen every time soothe baby of an HIV positive mother might be HIV negative with the help of the clinical trials that care on going already introduced which is Prevent of mother – to -child transmission done with the help of the drug called antiretroviral drugs. There are types in HIV, investigations have been and clinical trials where done and under taken and they showed to be two types these are HIV type one and HIV type two. At first, HIV infection does not make a person very ill. He/ she may continue to have a healthy life for some months or many years sciencfity after eight years….(read more)