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Victoria Falls

Got off to a rocky start with three other Canadians (all Engineers Without Borders volunteers) as we left Lilongwe at 7am. Two were almost victims of theft while our mini-bus sat at the bus station. Luckily they knew to keep a strong grip on their wallets. Didn't stop the would-be thief from taking one last run at the bus as we pulled away. Too bad for him the whole mini-bus had been tracking his attempts to rob us. We left him empty handed. We rode to the Zambian border with Malawi and caught a taxi to the border. It's amazing how little vehicle traffic flows through these countries. Given that, we were extremely fortunate to chat with a german doctor who was driving the 800 kilometres to Zambia's capital, Lusaka. He offered us a ride in the company vehicle – the nicest vehicle I travelled in since leaving Canada! He got us to Lusake well before the bus we would have taken would even have reached half way. It was interesting (scary) to hear about his take on the HIV/AIDS situation in eastern Africa. There are very few statistics available on how widespread the disease is. Pregnant women are the only gauge since they see a doctor at least once and must undergo testing. The infection rate is as high as 60% in some areas….(read more)