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Writing For The Zambian

We often receive questions from visitors regarding our policy on guest posts and articles. We do accept guest contributions and strongly prefer that these be from Zambian writers. The general guidelines we follow when publishing articles and posts from guest writers are listed below:

Subjects and Topics

All posts and articles submitted for publication must be related to Zambia. We are, after all, a site on Zambia. Your article may span multiple subjects, e.g. economy, development, aid, climate, agriculture, music, healthcare etc. but the underlying focus should be on Zambia.

Content Guidelines

Your article must be original and not previously published by someone else either on the web or in print as we would like to ensure that all work that appears on our site is not plagiarized. Referencing or using text, image or video content from other sources must be cited and credited to the original author. Your post should be at least 300 words long and should not be merely an advertisement for services or products that you, or your organization sells.

Editorial Consent

The Zambian Editor will review your post and edit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling and design style.


We do not provide any compensation for articles published on The Zambian. However, you may provide up to three byline links in your article: one for your blog or web site, one for your Facebook Fan page, biography or about page, and one for your Twitter username.


We understand the work that it takes to write a blog post or article. However, the fact that you have written a post and submitted it to us does not obligate us to publish it. The only guest posts we will publish are those that in our sole judgment add value to our readers. Furthermore, if we do not approve your guest post, we will not explain in detail why we did not approve it.


If your post meets the above guidelines, please submit your post for review.

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