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Super Woman Zambia

Super Woman is an online magazine whose sole purpose is to bring to light issues that are affecting women.

The development of our country relies on the participation of every citizen and seeing that the majority are women it is time we actively participated in the forging of a great nation.

And to do so, we first need to take responsibility for our well being, physically, psychologically and spiritually.The only way will be able to perform to the best of our ability is with good health and a sound state of mind.

As women we should be willing to learn from each other, no man is an island, for us to attain our goals we need to work together and be respective of one another. United we stand.Our male counterparts we will only  take us seriously if we don’t let our pettiness get in the way of working together and reaching our full potential.

Women are determined and hard working individuals, who, with a bit of encouragement, motivation and assistance can contribute to wealth creation and national development.

Superwoman-zambia, through its articles, is meant to educate, encourage, inform and entertainment today’s woman. Our aim is to inspire, give confidence and support women in their endeavors.

So sit back and enjoy yourself. And please every constructive contribution is welcome.