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Kutowa Designs

Kutowa Designs  is a fashion label for women and men based on the concept of classic and timeless garments inspired by the lifestyle of contemporary explorers and people on the move. Each garment demonstrates a relaxed yet elegant approach to fashion with a particular attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Kutowa Designs philosophy embodies a strong commitment to making a positive impact on environment and society using exclusively certified organic fabrics and bringing ethics into action in all its business practices. Kutowa Designs struggles to be active in the many different dimensions of sustainability ranging from creating the first fully African ethical and organic supply-chain, all the way through the low mileage limited editions, like the Made in Italy heritage part of the collection.

In the rapidly evolving field of environment conscious production,Kutowa Designs is persuaded that constant experimentation for new solutions is the only possible approach. That’s why at Kutowa Designs we are constantly challenging our own solutions to check wherever they can be improved or replaced in an endless process of innovation that fosters new inspirations.

Being small helps Kutowa Designs to stay flexible without getting trapped in its own habits. Its supply-chain is not a single one, but it is composed by a series of parallel combinations. This allows to try several new ways on different styles at the same time. Thanks to this demanding but incredibly exciting approach Kutowa Designs manages to give a chance to the newest available concepts. And that’s why presently in theKutowa Designs collection you can find styles that put the emphasis on various issues.


6 Villa Wanga, ZAF Mess Rd, Off Gardenia, Avondale, 10101 Lusaka, Zambia

Facebook: Kutowa Designs

Phone: +260 966728911

Email: [email protected]

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